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The Sonare Experience

The goal of a fine recording is to create something that will not only be listened to – but will move the listener. This task demands that the producer/engineer have professional experience in making music if there is to be meaningful conversation between the musicians and the recording team.

In the kitchen of a great chef, each ingredient is chosen with the final result in mind.  A fine recording must also reflect the same care and understanding in its creation in order to achieve a successful outcome. The question, “what should this sound like?” must be in the mind of the producer from start to finish.

Another very important ingredient in a successful recording is the ability to speak the same musical language as the musicians – which we can do, and fluently.

This site may give the impression that Sonare specializes in choral recording– which is true to the extent that we capture choral resonance better than others. No exaggerated sibilance here. But we also capture orchestral, chamber music, pipe organ, jazz, and even didgeridoo! And all with a warm, clear, and refined sound.

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