These are the pokies that pay the best buck

Keeping a secret has never been a strong point for us. And it probably never will be. Here at we tell you straight away what our experience are with particular games in the world of the online casinos. Kiwi gamblers should read no further but read carefully what we have to tell. This time around, we have gathered some literally valuable information about some of the most interesting games on the internet. We will let you know about how much you can win in some of the best games amongst the pokies. Get set for some spectacular tips on how to win big. It is really easy, we think. All you need to do is to make the right choices.

Dig in for big wins

The first decision you need to take is quite easy. You need to determine a time when you can play for a long period of time. Big winnings don't just shoot around the corner at every given opportunity. Maybe you even need several days before you can note a bigger sum on your casino account. To sustain longer periods of play without getting bust too soon, you should start with small steps. Small amounts are called for when you define your first bets. Maybe you even have a bonus or some free spins to play with. These could be your launchpad of what hopefully will soon become a really successful streak on the pokies.

Choosing the right game is obviously part of the plan as well, but more about that in the next paragraph. Digging in also means that you have to vary your bets accordingly. After all, if you are able to raise your bets a little after some time, this could give you exactly the leverage you need. Higher bets generally lead to higher winnings if you are successful at all. Some games will offer you the possibility to vary the bets for every single game, while others just offer you fixed betting amounts. Obviously if you play with free spins, you will be bound to the terms and conditions that apply to the respective promotion.


Choosing the right games

Not all the pokies provide you with exactly the same action on the reels. Some are a bit more lucrative than others. While the basic slots just show you some symbols on the reels, others have bonus games popping up every now and then. This has only been possible since video slots came up. For online games this is quite normal however, because their history is considerably younger of course. There are higher chances of ending up with a big fish of a win in jackpot slots actually. Jackpots can either be fixed in terms of amount, or they are unlimited. In casino terms, jackpots that are not fixed are usually known as progressive jackpots.

  • Look out for jackpot games
  • Progressive jackpot pokies are particularly lucrative

The principle of the progressive jackpot is that it increases with every single spin by a player. Every spin brings a few cents or maybe just fractions of cents towars the jackpot. But soon a respectable sum will appear on your screen. Even more attractive are so-called network jackpots, which can be won by virtue of playing one of several games within said network. It is not rare for such jackpots to rise into the millions. As soon as you figure out these things, you will quickly move your focus from the rather bland and boring payline pokies, towards the jackpot slots, where the real big money may already be waiting for you on the reels.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

As we just mentioned millions before - there have been some very lucky players in the past who have actually earned a good payday from playing on the pokies. Mega Moolah from Microgaming is quite possibly the one game that makes the most millionaires in online casinos. One particularly lucky person has managed to gain no less than almost 20 million NZD by playing this game. We have not found out much about him or her, but we are sure that this person would not have to go to work any longer. Isn't this the kind of lifestyle that you are looking for? If yes, waste no time and start playing on the pokies now to become a millionaire.